The Times Fails to Call Genocidal Khmer Rouge Regime "Communist"

Reporter Seth Mydans reverts to old bad habits in his followup story on a trial in Cambodia of a Khmer Rouge torturer.

During its April coverage of the trial in Phnom Penh of a Khmer Rouge prison torturer known as Duch, Times Watch criticized the Times for a story that completely ignored the Communist nature of the genocidal Khmer Rouge, which imposed radical agrarian Communism on the populace and deported city-dwellers to the countryside, where forced labor and killings led to the deaths of up to 1.5 million Cambodians. (The Khmer Rouge was also known as the Khmer Communist Party.)

A follow-up article by the reporter, Seth Mydans, mentioned the word "Communist" in the first paragraph.

But on SundayMydans reverted to old habits, failing to identify the Khmer Rouge as Communist a single time in a long profile of Duch, "Legal Strategy Fails to Hide Pride a Khmer Torturer Took in His Job."