Times Gripes About Lack of Abortion in "Knocked Up"

The Times gripes about a new hit comedy: "On Abortion, Hollywood Is No-Choice."

Hollywood moviesaren't sufficiently liberal for Sunday Styles section reporter Mireya Navarro, whogriped about the well-reviewed box-office smash "Knocked Up" for failing to hail abortion - one of the few liberal issues (cloning might be another) that Hollywood has failed to portray in a positive light. The headline: "On Abortion, Hollywood Is No-Choice."

After talking to Hollywood folks who lament the industry's reluctance to take on the issue directly, came this sentence, which simmered with the media's standard pro-abortion lingo: "Many conservative bloggers have claimed 'Knocked Up' as an anti-choice movie, in part because the movie never presents abortion as a serious option."

Times Watch seriously doubts that conservative bloggers think of "Knocked Up" as an "anti-choice" movie - how about a "pro-life" movie? "Anti-choice" is of course a phrase so liberal (reducing the killing of a fetus into a pure freedom issue) that it rarely shows up even in liberal news pages like the Times.

Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review Online has problems with the poll purporting to show 75% of Americans favor legal abortion.

Ken Shepherd has more mockery at NewsBusters.