The Times Misleads Again: "Domestic Surveillance" By the Government?

The Times against twists the NSA terror surveillance program into "domestic surveillance."

Thursday's Times featured yet more twisting of the National Security Agency's terror surveillance program into a "domestic" spy program, implying that the agency is targeting calls to and from U.S. citizens.

The top of Thursday's story by legal correspondent Adam Liptak, "Judges Weigh Arguments In U.S. Eavesdropping Case," read: "Three federal judges hearing the first appellate argument about the legality of a National Security Agency domestic surveillance program on Wednesday indicated that they were not that convinced the issue was moot now that the Bush administration had agreed to submit the program to a secret court."

Later Liptak clarified that the NSA's program isn't really a "domestic surveillance program" at all: "The A.C.L.U. brought suit last year after an article in The New York Times disclosed the existence of the program, which monitors the international communications of people in the United States without court approval."