Times Watch Quotes of Note - 'Mostly Peacefully' Means 'Somewhat Violently' at the Times

Plus: Linda Greenhouse attacks Arizona's "police state" with Nazi comparison, Times columnists see the "bright side" to the Gulf oil spill, and Rush Limbaugh's biographer is accused of "Stockholm Syndrome" for failing to deliver a hit piece.

'Mostly Peacefully' Means 'Somewhat Violently' at the New York Times

"As hundreds of demonstrators massed, mostly peacefully, at the capitol plaza, the governor, speaking at a state building a few miles away, said the law 'represents another tool for our state to use as we work to solve a crisis we did not create and the federal government has refused to fix.'" - From Randal Archibold's April 24 story on a rally for illegal immigrants.


"Three people were arrested during the immigration rally at the state capitol Friday afternoon. Two were arrested after they were seen throwing water bottles at police, according to a news release from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the state police agency." - From Sheryl Kornman's April 24 story for KGUN9-TV in Phoenix.

Author of Limbaugh Bio Accused of 'Stockholm Syndrome'

It appears that the price of access to Mr. Limbaugh for 'Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One' has been the purging of any details that might pique him. Quotations are truncated in ways that make them softer, and the boosterism has been boosted....Mr. Chafets shoos unwanted facts and individuals out of the way relentlessly, in accordance with what seems like a case of Stockholm syndrome. - Janet Maslin's May 24 review of Zev Chafets biography of Rush Limbaugh.

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