Times Watch Quotes of Note - Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Plus: Read the desperate, denialist Democrat spin by Times columnists and reporters upon Scott Brown's shocking Mass. Victory, and learn why Rush is a particularly vile human being.

"Now poised to become the first female senator from Massachusetts, Ms. Coakley, 56, is seen as a highly disciplined, if not passionate, politician who rarely surprises or missteps." - Reporter Abby Goodnough, December 10.

"It's pretty clear that no matter what happens, the voters are sending a message that they are in a bad mood. You cannot fail to notice that people are ticked off. The economy feels awful. The weather feels awful. Did you know that the cold snap in Florida hit the people who breed tropical fish so hard that there is a national guppy shortage? Things are bad, bad, bad. If Coakley loses, the inevitable conclusion will be that the message was a repudiation of Obama. My own theory is that the national angst is causing people to ignore the issues and just react to candidates' personalities." - Columnist Gail Collins, January 16.

"I mean, Rush is a particularly vile human being. And I even hate the fact that we have to discuss his comments here and spread them more widely than they've already been dispensed. I mean, I think that most people in America at this point, you know, the basic humanity of people rises at a time like this. And I don't think that most people, right or left, wherever they are, agree with Rush Limbaugh at all on this particular issue." - Columnist Charles Blow on the New York Times edition of MSNBC, January 15 responding to Rush Limbaugh's remarks on Haiti.

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