Upset About Cecil: Piers Morgan Calls for “Big Human Hunting”

The Journalist will gladly use a bow and arrow to kill Cecil’s hunter.

Piers Morgan, a British journalist who has excoriated the “appalling gun culture that now pervades every aspect of American life,” wouldn’t mind owning a bow and arrow … so he can start “Big Human Hunting.”   

In a July 28 piece for the Daily Mail, Morgan attacked dentist and hunter Dr. Walter Palmer for killing Cecil, a renowned Zimbabwean lion being tracked for an Oxford study.  

Although Palmer claimed that he was not aware of Cecil’s special status, Morgan wrote that the lion’s “popularity cut no ice with Dr. Palmer.” He then went on to describe Palmer as “a smirking, vile, callous assassin with no heart.” 

Noting that the dentist “now faces a prison sentence,” Morgan declared that “captivity seems way too good for him.” So what was his solution? The introduction of a new sport: “Big Human Hunting.” 

“I will sell tickets for $50,000 to anyone who wants to come with me and track down fat, greedy, selfish, murderous businessmen like Dr Palmer in their natural habit,” Morgan wrote. “We’d lure him out with bait – in his case I suggest the fresh blood of one of his victims would be very effective as it seems to turn him on so much – and once lured, we would all take a bow and fire a few arrows into his limbs to render him incapable of movement.” 

“Then we’d calmly walk over, skin him alive, cut his head from his neck, and took [sic] a bunch of photos of us all grinning inanely at his quivering flesh.” “Once we’d finished our jubilant paparazzi session,” the journalist continued, “we would then take Dr. Palmer’s head and skin and have them framed for our office walls.” 

As a Twitter post responding to the article read, “Give @piersmorgan credit. At least he doesn’t suggest shooting the Dentist who hunted beloved lion [sic]. #RIPCecil.” 

That is about all for which we can give Morgan credit. The liberal journalist – who came to the defense of Brian Williams and wanted the Ferguson protestors to be Time’s 2014 “Person of the Year” – was let go from CNN because a Brit whining constantly about American gun violence proved to be about as popular as you’d imagine. Meanwhile, Morgan refuses to see the greatest violence of our time.  

“Someone please call Piers Morgan,” wrote Mario Diaz for The Washington Times. “There is a weapon that kills more children in an hour (about 159) than died at Columbine, Aurora and Sandy Hook combined (55). That’s an average for every hour of every day since 1973, or more than 55 million lives in 40 years.” Of course, that weapon is abortion.

But Morgan was too busy writing about Cecil to care about the atrocities revealed through the recent Planned Parenthood videos. Figures.