USA TODAY Hypes Topless and 'Adult' Vegas pool parties.

USA Today dedicated two-thirds of the front page of its Life weekend section on June 11 to advertise Vegas's new summer attraction, the raunchy poolside 'Daylife.'

The “travel” article offered guidebook for potential guests to the “adult” and topless pool scene in Vegas.

Out of 14 clubs listed by USA TODAY seven of them permitted women to go topless. Today's website included a guidebook for would be travelers. Information included entrance fees, celebrity clientele, amenities and of course whether or not topless sunbathing was allowed.

“Behavior often is more refined than at big party pools (but what goes on behind closed curtains of pricey cabanas with daybeds at Vegas adult pools is a different story),” said

USA TODAY reporter Kitty Bean Yancey.

“It's not about swimming. Adult pools and pool parties are making a splash with reserved cabanas renting for hundreds or thousands daily, pricey bottle service and scantily clad servers waiting beyond the velvet (or hemp) ropes at the entrance,” Yancey said.

“The monster party is Rehab, which has been described as "spring break on steroids," even though bare breasts are taboo, “Yancey said.

Rehab is owned and operated by Vegas Hard Rock.

Vegas has had a host of marketing campaigns in it's past. Currently, Vegas is pushing the slogan, “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.”  However, in recent years they have been marketing the desert vacation spot as an attraction the whole family can enjoy.

Ironically, USA TODAY made assurances in 2005 that Vegas is “sinfully fun for the little tykes too.”

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