Vanity Fair Targets News-Making GOP Men in Sexy 'Beefcake' Calendar

Vanity Fair's attacked conservative men with its latest political satire: a soft-core pornographic, borderline homosexual and obviously photoshopped “Official 2010-2011 Republican Beefcake Calendar.”  Humorous perhaps, but also an attack on those candidates and certainly not the magazine's first jab at Republicans and conservatives.

In an effort to possibly shift “GOP tidal-wave” dialogue or to simply make depressed Democrats laugh, Vanity Fair has showcased a racy, crotch-shot-laden calendar of headline-making GOP men just one week prior to the important 2010 midterm elections. While only a few of the photographs actually improve the image of the Republican men, by making them look extremely masculine with rippling muscles, most of the photos mock the men by photo-shopping their heads onto men in arguably “gay” poses.

The most shocking photo was that of a naked Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele seen creeping in a middle-earth-type creature pose, complete with gnarled hands and goofy expression. Thank goodness for a perfectly placed left thigh, or else the photograph of Steele would be x-rated.

With the calendar containing a 2008 GOP presidential hopeful John McCain's crotch-holding photograph and conservative pundit Glenn Beck's snake-skin belted, tighty-whitey donning booty shot, its safe to say Vanity Fair was outright attacking the GOP heavy-hitters. For one, there appears to be no wimpy, “Men of the Left Aisle” calendar. But it is par for the course for Vanity Fair to tow the lefty line.

In fact, the magazine has attacked conservative Sarah Palin in the past. Vanity Fair author Michael Joseph Gross penned a 10,600 word hit piece on Sarah Palin in which he claimed the former 2008 Vice Presidential candidate lies about everything. Vanity Fair is also home to the Christian-bashing, atheist columnist Christopher Hitchens, whose work includes a book in which he espouses the view that Mother Theresa's good deeds were performed simply to further a political agenda, and not morally-driven. Vanity Fair was also behind the recent Sean Penn interview of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

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