The View Attacks Palin's Letterman Response; Behar backs Palin…Kind Of

The ladies of the 'View' cannot seem to make up their minds. After Sarah Palin released her response to the tasteless David Letterman joke about her daughter, Joy Behar made an astonishing comment June 15 in support of the Vice-Presidential nominee: “You know, I have to say that I'm on her side this time. Not because I didn't think it was sort of ok because comedians make jokes. But as a parent, as a mother, she's no dummy. She's going for the jugular. And I would, too. I would, too. As a mother, I would do it.”

If you had watched the View from last week this statement would come as a surprise. During the discussion on the same topic, Behar was the only one on the show defending Letterman and his comments. She supported the joke by explaining that Sarah Palin “traipse the kid [Bristol Palin] out” and that she's “a walking punch line!”

So, maybe Behar has changed her stance. Or maybe she doesn't want to be the only one condoning perverse jokes. Regardless, she did not want it to be confused with supporting Sarah Palin herself, so she quickly gave it that Behar twist by adding “Not that I would run with McCain against Obama if I were her.”

Last week the hosts (excluding Joy Behar) were in general agreement over the issue. They all agreed that the comment was uncalled for and irresponsible. However, this week they were singing a different tune. In response to Palin's insinuation that such comments lead to the acceptance of perversity among older men, Whoopi Goldberg said “I thought that connection was extremely thin. I would have preferred that she said 'you apologize to my daughter right now because you had no business speaking about her for any reason. You don't know her. She's not your kid. Apologize.' But when you then tie that into an acceptance of sexual perversity among old men and young women, I thought it was a huge stretch given that every fourth billboard on the highway has some woman like this…He made a mistake. He stepped over the line. Now he's being blamed for all sexual perversity.”

Elizabeth Hasselback tries to speak up and explain that “He's contributing…” yet she is cut off by Whoopie explaining, “No he didn't contribute. He made a mistake. Contributing is "Hustler" magazine. That's contributing. There's a difference.”

Essentially Whoopi is explaining that advertisements on billboards contribute to perversity, but when a 62 year old man makes a sexually explicit 'joke' about a teenaged girl it should only be considered as a mistake. One must wonder what if no one had picked up on this 'joke'? Would it still be considered as wrong or just one of many “acceptable” comments of sex and teenagers?

Hasselback defended her position by explaining that Letterman is a “social commenter” and should be held responsible for what he says. That is quickly dismissed with the explanation that “He's a comic.”

Barbara Walters decided, however, to attack Palin directly by accusing her of taking advantage of the media coverage. Hasselback contended this notion, “She didn't intend for something like this.” Walters quickly responded with a definitive, “Yes, I think she did.”

So, according to “The View”, Palin forced Letterman to slander her daughter, and Letterman is the real victim. After all, he shouldn't be held accountable for anything he says. He's a comic.