'The View': 'Pregnant Man' is a Woman

It is not often that most of the women on “The View” agree on a controversial subject, but when Sherri Shepherd declared. “A man does not have a vagina,” nobody contradicted her.

That fact shouldn't be in dispute, but in the case of Thomas Beatie, it is. Beatie, a woman who had a sex change to become a “man,” kept her female reproductive parts and has been labeled, incorrectly, by most of the media as the first “pregnant man.”   

But Shepherd correctly pointed out the obvious: “The baby came out of a vagina. A woman has a vagina,” and called Beatie “legally a man, but is a woman who had a baby.” And while Barbara Walters was hesitant to completely agree that Beatie is a woman, she did not contradict the statement either.

She did, however, note that Beatie claims that what makes you a man or a woman is, “if you think like a man or a woman, if you feel like a man. It doesn't matter what your reproductive organs are.”

Whoopi Goldberg quickly and adamantly answered, “If you have a baby vaginally, you're a woman…its one thing to think that you're feeling about some thing, but there are certain things you can't do…and men… cannot have babies.” And once again, nobody questioned the assertion.  

Apparently all of the hosts of “The View” passed their grade school science class, unlike most of the media.