The View’s Nicole Wallace: Comparison of Planned Parenthood to Lion Scandal is ‘A Disgrace to Cecil’

To Ms. Wallace, there’s no comparison.

On today’s session of The View, supposed “conservative voice” Nicole Wallace again showed her true liberal colors. 

In a discussion surrounding Cecil the Lion, co-host Raven-Symoné declared that “people for hashtag #BlackLivesMatter are outlash – are backlashing too, because they said ‘it’s a lion, but when we tried to start a movement, it didn’t get as much hoopla.’ And I don’t believe that’s true.” 

Wallace then responded that “it goes both ways. Conservatives are making the same point about Planned Parenthood, but I think that’s a disgrace to Cecil the Lion.”

So lamenting the media’s light coverage of the sale of human baby body parts in America comparison to its obsession over the death of one animal on another continent is a disgrace to Cecil? Really, Ms. Wallace? 

Wallace went on to say that what she couldn’t wrap her “brain around is how a human being stares at a creature that majestic and pulls [the trigger].” That’s fair, neither can many people. 

However, in the same way, many people cannot understand how a human being can look at a tiny, helpless, pre-born infant and dissect its limbs for scientific use. I guess that’s more understandable to Ms. Wallace. 

But, hey, what did we expect from The View?