WaPo Cheers Obama's Move to Provide Benefits to Same-Sex Partners of Federal Employees

Washington Post blogger Ed O'Keefe, announced his support of Obama's presidential memorandum in June 2 article entitled “Obama Extends Benefits To Same-Sex Partners.”

O'Keefe's story is in reference to the presidential memorandum President Obama signed that provides some federal employment benefits to the same-sex partners of federal workers. The extended benefits do not include health care and retirement benefits.

After detailing the memorandum and the presidential maneuvering that led to it, O'Keefe wrote, “The president will take it from all sides on this decision: social conservatives will criticize the decision while gay rights activists will insist he did not do enough. Regardless, today is an important day for federal employees eager to enjoy the rights and benefits afforded to their colleagues.”

The only people O'Keefe quoted were in support of the memorandum, despite the not-unrelated May 24 Gallup Poll confirming that the percentage of opponents for legalizing same-sex marriage outnumber (53 percent) those who are in favor of legalizing it (44 percent).

As per usual, the WaPo staff keeps marching on with their own political agenda, failing to provide readers the both sides of the story.

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