War On What? ‘Friends’ Actress Dumbfounded When Maher Asks About ‘War on Women’

Liberal host’s question met with crickets and a blank stare.

In the liberal bastion that is Hollywood, you would think that vapid celebrities could rattled off empty left-wing political jargon with ease. Not in all cases. Liberal talk show host Bill Maher asked a Hollywood actress a question about one of the left’s pet talking points, and was met with utter confusion.

Friends actress Lisa Kudrow appeared on HBO’s “Real Time” Nov.7, and appeared out of her depth with a roundtable of political analysts. In the online “Overtime” segment where guests answer viewer-submitted questions, Maher read the following question to Kudrow: 

"Lisa, we’ll give you the last question. On the TV show “Scandal” you played a Congresswoman and made a powerful speech on sexism.” After making a joke, Maher continued reading. “Do you feel the Republican War on Women is still an important issue to voters?” 

Kudrow responded with a look that could only be described as “Huh?” and repeated the question back to Maher: “The Republican War on Women?” Maher repeated the question to the actress who appeared completely confused. She said again, “There’s a Republican war on women? Which part of being a woman?” 

If there was any more doubt that the “war on women” meme was failing, this would have to be it. Even liberal Hollywood doesn’t believe in it.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.