"What the Bush Administration Calls the War on Terror"

Does Anita Gates believe there's a terror threat?

In her TV review Monday, liberal critic Anita Gates seems to agree with the anti-American sentiments expressed on a British detective series.

"Some British critics have accused 'Cracker: A New Terror,' which has its United States premiere tonight on BBC America, of preachiness, heavy-handedness or both. One review suggested that since everyone in London sits around at dinner parties expressing anti-Americanism all the time, there was no good reason to repeat all those sentiments in a murder mystery.

"That sort of thing plays a little differently here. First, there is a sense of relief that characters on television are talking about the events openly and irreverently. Then there is the punch of confirmation that much of the rest of the world may indeed despise the United States for what the Bush administration calls the war on terror."