Yahoo Babbles Against Monogamous Marriage

The attack on one-man-one-woman continues.

Having marriage issues? It might be due to your unnatural monogamy, according to Yahoo – or rather, a woman who studied men’s relationships with love dolls and edible sex toys.

Yahoo featured “The 5 Compelling Reasons Why Marriage Wasn’t Meant to Be Monogamous” on its front page, although the article originally appeared on a pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle site – Disney’s

In it, Chaunie Brusie detailed “compelling evidence” to demystify marriage via author Meghan Laslocky’s latest book “The Little Book of Heartbreak: Love Gone Wrong Through the Ages.” Laslocky drew from personal authority on the topic from multiple heart breaks and heart breaking, but also advertised herself as a woman who “profiled men who have relationships with love dolls and a stylist for transgendered women,” and blogged on “taste-testing edible sex aids and creating highly unusual cocktails” for sites including the outspokenly liberal Salon

Brusie summarized the book, starting with the argument that marrying for love is a new idea, and noted that most mammals aren’t monogamous – especially lovebirds. The winged creatures cheat on one another constantly via a “romantic rendezvous.” Thank goodness too, because scientists insisted “such behavior is helpful to ensuring survival of the species, as the males spread their seed around for all to enjoy.” 

More science surfaced, as Brusie explained that many cultures accept affairs and flings inside of marriage – and that spouses in “open marriages” perceived the same amount of happiness and a no higher divorce rate than that of monogamous couples. 

The attack on monogamy is nothing new for the media, from CNN which advertised promiscuity to “The Huffington Post,” which promoted cheating sites such as Ashley Madison.