YouTube: New Channels Cater to Lefties

From Young Turks to Chopra, liberals hold sway in site’s programs.

YouTube released 100 new channels in April, and there’s not a conservative voice to be found. The site embraced lefty culture with a vengeance, and liberal voices rule the social realm. From former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur to lefty new age author Deepak Chopra, liberals are commonplace figures in the new content.

YouTube’s new channels make it an ideal video platform for the left. While the channels feature prominent liberal personalities, there are no conservative voices in the lineup. Instead, the channels feature the defamation of Christians, attacks on capitalism and advice to mothers from a former Playboy model,

Hardcore lefties will get their fix on Town Square, a rabid anti-conservative channel hosted by the George Soros-backed Young Turks Uygur. Uygur, who was formerly affiliated with MSNBC, gleefully outlined how capitalist corporations are akin to slave labor, and brought in adult film actress Nina Hartley to discuss if monogamy is natural.

Huffington Post contributor Chopra will be able to preach his radical new-age sermons from his channel “The Chopra Well.”

Google-owned YouTube granted channels to liberal outlets like “The Onion,” which viciously mocked Christian quarterback Tim Tebow in a video about his trade to the New York Jets. The "humorous video" on their YouTube channel predicts that upon his move to New York, Tebow will become a “homeless crack addict,” and he will “fall in love with a man named Javier and engage in unprotected sensual discovery.”

Modern mothers will get a new dose of parenting advice from ex-Playboy model Brooke Burke, who ironically mused over the concept of when her daughters will lose their virginity.. In her video she states, “I hope it is well thought-out.”

As predicted, Hollywood holds most of the clout, and five of the channels feature prominent left-leaning celebrities. DanceOn plugs controversial pop-star Madonna, who recently said she would love to play concerts in Iran and Syria. Al Gore advocate and rapper Pharrell Williams was bequeathed his own channel appropriately titled “i am OTHER.”

Although fellow rapper Jay-Z has benefited generously from the free market – with a worth of $450 million – he shills for the 99% and supports Occupy Wall Street. YouTube launched his channel LifeandTimes with the others.

Liberal actor Rainn Wilson, commonly known for his role as Dwight Shrute on “The Office”, will receive his own YouTube platform called “SoulPancake.” Here, he will spread his message that “the internet is the future of spirituality."

Although Red Bull was recently embroiled in a controversy over an ad which featured Jesus using his own name in vain, they also received a channel.

YouTube is certainly no stranger to racy and lewd content. Sexually explicit and graphic material is splashed amongst the videos, ads and sidebars; so it comes as no surprise when vulgar humor site MyDamnChannel is showcased. Their channel is overflowing with inappropriate innuendos and raunchy, sex jokes.

Other openly liberal publications will get their due such as Slate, and TakePart, the producers of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.”

YouTube did not respond to repeated inquiries about its new lineup. The company’s fixation on liberal ideology surely spawns from the top. Its parent company Google is known for leaning left, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt openly supports President Obama and the Democratic Party.