Donald J. Boudreaux, Ph.D.

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Dear NY Times: Treasury Bailout is 'Thief Disguised as Humanitarian'

A response to lobbyists fighting over the 'bailout pie.'

Dear Wonk Room: No 'Right' Way to Bail Out Industry

Telling the government how to bail out the auto industry is like telling burglars the "right" way to steal.

Bad Businesses Should Face Market Consequences

A rebuttal of AIG senior VP's claim that the federal bailout the company received was 'better' than bankruptcy.

Letter to the Baltimore Sun

A commentary on the 'absurd drama' of Washington politics.

Letter to The New York Times

Do people 'deserve' universal health care?

Letter to The Washington Times

Is there a silver lining to Obama's presidency?

Letter to The Wall Street Journal

A response to Andrew Wilson's op-ed "Five Myths About the Great Depression."

Should We Worry About China-U.S. Trade?

Should We Worry About China-U.S. Trade?

Bravo for the Maestro

Greenspans greatest achievement was resisting political pressure and keeping money supply stable, fueling investment in the United States.