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WaPo: If Scouts Go Gay, How About Atheist?

No good (or at least spineless) deed goes unpunished. As the news broke that the Boy Scouts of America is considering allowing local charters to decide whether  to admit homosexual scouts and ...
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Boyfriend Abuse? There’s an App for That

Game rewards you for “training” your man.  
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Sundance’s Festival of Seedy Sex

The 2013 Sundance Festival just wrapped, and it had a common theme that even liberal news outlets like USA Today, ABC , and NPR pick up on. Nine of the festival’s feature films revolve around teen ...
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HuffPo: Obama Inaugural Ignored Rights of Transgendered Preteens

Eleven-year-old ‘Sadie’ wants a nod from the president.
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AlterNet: Happy MLK Day, ‘Homophobe’

In ‘celebrating’ King’s legacy, hard left site couldn’t get any classier.
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On Violence, Obama Gives His Hollywood Pals a Pass

As Obama investigates ‘the best way to reduce gun violence’ he ignores calling Hollywood to accountability
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Liberal Outcry Forces Obama to Replace Inauguration Reverend

So-called ‘anti-gay’ comments disqualify Giglio.
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Baptist Site Asks ‘What if Jesus Were Gay?’

Christ was a secular liberal? Who knew?
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Gun Control Groups Whine About Lady Gaga Gun Bra

Despite coming out against guns, lefty pop star still offends allies with latest costume.