Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson is a staff writer and research analyst for the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and Journalism from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Lauren gained extensive journalism experience as the press intern for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, Texas and as the associate editor of Texas A&M College of Agriculture’s magazine the AgriLeader. She also interned for the House of Representatives and assisted with policy research.

Lauren was born and raised in east Texas, and holds true to the core values of the south. She is a devout conservative and strong defender of the Christian faith, and she will always bleed Aggie maroon.

Lauren hopes her voice will help limit the media’s war on traditional values and Christianity, and she seeks to eventually enter the field of political journalism and fight for the conservative movement. You can contact Lauren at

Author Articles
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‘Gangster Squad,’ ‘Expendables’, ‘Chainsaw’: Hollywood’s Violent Hypocrisy

New noire flick and others call into question stars’ gun control advocacy.  
Media Research Center

Denis Leary: ‘Merry F***in’ Christmas’

Book twists childhood stories with profanity, pedophilia, drug use and alcoholism.
Media Research Center

Statutory Rape On The Road

Kristen Stewart plays promiscuous 15-year -old (threesome and all) in film adaptation Kerouac book.
Media Research Center

Jason Biggs Tweets Profanity to the Pope

Biggs still associated with Nickelodeon despite nasty sex filled tweets.
Media Research Center

Reba McEntire Excited Her New Show Is Full of Gay Content

ABC sitcom laden with lefty agenda themes.
Media Research Center

Honest Barry? Media Hype Comparisons of Obama to Lincoln

MSNBC, others lament Obama’s ‘terrible trials and struggles to make changes’ just like Lincoln.
Media Research Center

Lena Dunham Named One of ‘Glamour Magazine’s’ Women of the Year

Dunham rewarded for sleazy show ‘Girls’ and Obama virginity ad.
Media Research Center

J. Crew President Lyons Comes Out of Closet

CMI caused controversy by pointing out gender-bending ad featuring Lyons’ son.
Media Research Center

Sex, Violence, Anti-Catholicism – It’s an ‘American Horror Story’ All Right

Creator Murphy’s sleazy horror show slimes nuns, revels in sadism.
Media Research Center

USA Today Surprised Chick-Fil-A Didn’t Suffer from ‘PR Nightmare’

PR execs confounded by chain’s success after ‘disaster.’
Media Research Center

TV’s ‘New Normal’ is Obama Ad with Punch Lines

Ryan Murphy’s NBC sitcom is Democratic agitprop.
Media Research Center

YouTube Blocks ‘Anti-Mohammed’ Video, Not Taliban Terror Videos

Site limits ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Islamic countries but allows video of lethal attack on American base.
Media Research Center

Liberal Websites Bash Steven Crowder for Not Having Pre-Marital Sex

Call his story the ‘stupidest Fox News column ever.’
Media Research Center

And the Emmy-Winner is … Liberal Politics!

With the November election looming, liberals are leaping at any chance to blast conservatives. And the Emmy Awards on Sept. 23 both rewarded liberal TV shows and offered Hollywood celebs a chance ...
Media Research Center

2012 Emmys Honor the Profane

What does Hollywood value? Sex and lawlessness. 
Media Research Center

Islam’s Media Apologists Keep Excusing, Ignoring Violence

On Sept. 11, 2012, riots erupted in Egypt, Libya and now Yemen, ostensibly over what the media call an anti-Muslim Youtube video made in America. In Bengazi, militants murdered the United ...