The 'Consumer Group' That Doesn't Want You to Consume

The Consumer Group That Doesnt Want You to Consume
Drop that soda! Turn in your Chinese takeout menus! The media are helping the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in efforts to tax and regulate your food and drink. CSPI says it must help you, because it takes more than willpower to stay healthy.

Tax Threats on Tax Day 2007
National Taxpayers Union President John Berthoud warns that Congress will hike our taxes as many times as they can.

G: Forbes magazine explains why globalization is really a good thing
B: Evening newscasts complain about airline, but customers dont
U: Time magazine prints 44-page novella on surviving global warming

Video of MRCs 20th Anniversary Gala is online, including BMI National Chairman Herman Cain, Pat Sajak, Rush Limbaugh and more!


Who Pays Americas Tax Burden, and Who Gets the Most Government Spending? (Tax Foundation)

Irresponsible Mortgages Have Opened Doors to Many of the Excluded (NY Times)

Ready for a Big Retirement Surprise? Save Now (AEI)

Study Finds Ethanol-Blend Auto Emissions No Greener than Gasoline (CBC News)
Its All About the Benjamins, Baby: The Great Inflation Debate
April 11, 2007
Americas Future Foundation, Washington D.C.

Mises Circle Lunch: Despots Left and Right
April 14, 2007
Vargos restaurant, Houston, Texas,
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