Ignoring Growth, Eyeing Gas Gauge

Ignoring Growth, Eyeing Gas Gauge
Economic growth is the best its been in 2 years. But the media cant take their eyes off gas prices, which they insist will take the economy down despite a 4-year high in consumer confidence.

Econ 101: Counting on the Government
Why does everyone expect the president and Congress to fix gas prices?

G: ABC calls for common sense to ward off baby fat
B: CNNs eternal pessimist Serwer perplexed by Bush silence on strong economy
U: CBSs Pitts attacks Big Oil but holds his fire on socialist oil baron Hugo Chavez

CBS Kicks Off Another Gas-Price Road Trip

Has the Fat Lady Sung? ABC Is Urging Common Sense!

CNNs Serwer: Bush Isnt Getting Word Out on Hot Economy

Bashing Big Oil, CBS Still Downplays Chavezs Use of Profits

Political tampering is to blame for high energy prices (National Review)

Windfall profits tax would hardly be revenue gusher (Cato)

Ethanol, a tragedy in three acts (BusinessWeek)

Galbraiths legacy: making us see American prosperity as a curse (Reason)

Crude Economics: Windfall profits taxes hurt consumers at the pump (Tax Foundation)

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