Media Myth: Taxation with Misrepresentation

Taxation with Misrepresentation
A tax dollar by any other name spends as sweetly, but the networks dont always call attention to the fact that Joe Taxpayer makes the country (and parts of the world) go round.

A Word from Our Founding Fathers Taxes
Business & Media Institute National Chairman Herman Cain says Americans are overtaxed and under-informed.

G: Christian Science Monitor: economy producing good jobs
B: Media praise Mass. law forcing people to buy health insurance
U: Insurance industry battered by CBS News for high profits

ABC Recycles NY Times Story Slamming $165-Million Gift

CBS Revels in Corporate Catfight over Gas Prices

Times Reporter: Modern Layoffs Worse than Great Depression

New Reports Point to Strong Economy

Americans work almost four months just to pay taxes (Tax Foundation)

John Calfee: Its time for states to rein in costly prescription drug lawsuits (AEI)

Massachusetts insurance plan is a slippery slope to national health care (Cato)

Lisa Snell: How per-student funding can revolutionize public schools (

Mass. delusion: Gov. Romneys insurance bill is not real market-based reform (

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