Media Spread Suspicion of Gas 'Gouging'

Media Spread Suspicion of Gas Gouging
How many investigations will it take to convince the media and politicians that gas companies arent conspiring to crunch consumers? At least 30 such inquiries in the past have found no wrongdoing. Yet journalists are at it again, calling gas prices suspicious.

Media Hit the Gas Correctly, for a Change
Finally, 26 years and thousands of stories later, journalists find the record-high price is right.

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B: CBS attacks private health insurance
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BMI Director Dan Gainor appeared on Foxs Your World with Neil Cavuto on May 28, 2007 to discuss media gas price hype.


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June 6, 2007
The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.

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June 8, 2007
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organized by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation and Iowans for Tax Relief
June 14-16, 2007
Washington, D.C.

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