Networks Include Fear Premium in Oil Coverage

Networks Include Fear Premium in Oil Coverage
Journalists and oil traders have been quick to warn viewers that $4 gas is coming. Oil might rise to $100 a barrel! But will it? Meanwhile, the Senates move toward increasing domestic oil supply wasnt as interesting to network news.

Hollywood Export Undermines America
It's time for TV scriptwriters to give up the evil business stereotypes and cowboy up.

G: NY Times finds car rental tax drives away customers
B: CBS treads out whine on global warming but doesnt taste critics opinions
U: CNN omits anti-Wal-Mart group giving NY Times the dirt on shoplifting

Food, Food Everywhere, but Not a Bite to Eat

NY Times Complains of Medicare Windfall for Drug Companies

Entertainment Weekly Says Global Warming Keeps Gore Cool

Wash. Post Finds Negative News Coverage Affects View of Economy


The biggest pork barrel earmark in history? (Heritage)

Are mandatory aerobics classes in your future? (Reason)

World economy would be casualty of Mideast war (AEI)

Soda obesity taxes: taxing ourselves to health (Tax Foundation)

New York City: where the jobs arent (NY Post)

Technology and combating the impending energy crisis
The Heritage Foundation
Washington, D.C., July 21

Immigration and Its Effect on Our Economy
The Harbour League
Telephone Conference Call, July 24

2006 Liberty, Economy & Society Summer Seminars
The Independent Institute
Oakland, Calif., August 7-11

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