Networks Serve as Deputy for Food Police

Networks Serve as Deputy for Food Police
Do you feel comfortable eating that Big Mac? That frappuccino? If so, the food police havent gotten to you yet. But they have gotten to the media, who help them get out their anti-personal-responsibility, pro-lawsuit, pro-government-regulation message.

Take Food Cops' Advice with a Grain of Salt -- Until
That's Banned, Too

Dr. Elizabeth Whelan reminds us that the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which once campaigned for trans fats, now sues against them.

G: USA Today gives props to young people saving for retirement
B: Washington Post stokes class envy with pay story
U: CNN lectures viewers on shopping habits on 4th of July

ABC Perplexed by High Demand for High-Priced Gas

Washington Post Stokes Class Envy with Front-Page Story

CNNs Lee Pumps Up Gas Prices Near All-Time High


How the death tax shafts black Americans (Human Events)

Estonia creates an economic miracle with low, flat taxes (Heartland Institute)

The surgeon generals second-hand smokescreen (Reason)

Dos and donts on energy policy (Human Events)

What New Jersey makes, the government takes (Reason)

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