Top Ten Media Myths of 2007

Top Ten Media Myths of 2007
Its that time again our Top 10 Media Myths about business and economic news for the year! You might recognize some popular themes youve seen before, but each year has its signature issues. From food to airlines, green strategies and housing What will make #1? Check our list twice to find out.

Two Views of Mortgage Solution
Is the mortgage plan a bailout or a rescue? Does it help homeowners and lenders? How involved was the Bush administration? BMI presents two views of the plan from economists in the know.
MSM Misses on Mortgage Rescue by Jerry Bowyer
A Mortgage Bailout? by Brian Wesbury and Robert Stein

G: Whoopi Goldberg rails against the death tax
B: CNBC mesmerized by Warren Buffett-style populism
U: Another Gore presidential run still a possibility