ABC's Kate Snow Shifts Course; Notes GOP Opposition in Story on End-of-life Care

ABC's Kate Snow, who early on Monday couldn't find time to show any Republican opposition to a controversial provision in the health care plan relating to end-of-life care, reversed course on World News and briefly highlighted a GOP voice. Congressman Thaddeus McCotter appeared and asserted, "And there should never be any doubt as to whether your end-of-life decisions are influenced by its effect on the United States Treasury."

Snow was filing a piece for Monday's World News about a section in the House health care bill that reimburse doctors for discussing end-of-life care with their patients every five years. And although the segment was billed as a "fact check" to debunk incorrect claims, this report at least looked into something that her earlier piece on Good Morning America didn't, Republican opposition.

On Monday, this analyst asked Snow about the subject on her Twitter page. She justified the absence: "We often cut down pieces to fit time allotted. But always aim to include all pov's. On end of life v impt [sic] to fact check too."

On World News, anchor Charles Gibson began the segment by pronouncing, "A lot of people are clearly upset with what they think, or have been told, or think that they've been told, is in the thousand or so pages of proposed legislation." He suggested that this fact check series would become a semi-regular feature to look into misinformation about health care.

Certainly, there is much liberal misinformation about the health care bill, such as the claim by some journalists that the legislation doesn't cover abortions. It does. Hopefully, ABC will look into these issues as well.

-Scott Whitlock is a news analyst for the Media Research Center.