CBS Highlights Armed Shop Owner Who Fought Back Against Robbers

While it is unusual for the mainstream media to give attention to armed citizens who use guns to defend themselves against criminals before police can arrive, on Thursday's CBS Evening News, anchor Harry Smith highlighted a smoke shop owner in Texas who fought back when he was the victim of two armed robbers, as he shot and apparently wounded one of them.

Smith related to viewers:

The owner of a smoke shop in Waco, Texas, knows how to stay cool under pressure. Early Wednesday, two robbers pulled guns on him and his friend. Surveillance video shows the owner, Amar Kayah (sp?), didn't panic, possibly because he had his own gun under the counter. Suddenly, there was a firefight. Somehow, Kayah and his friend were not hurt. He's pretty sure he hit one of the robbers who got away with $150.

-Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center