Chris Matthews Calls Michele Bachmann a 'Zombie'

Echoing his Election Night accusation that Michele Bachman was "hypnotized" Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, called the Minnesota Republican congresswoman a "zombie" as he insultingly asked GOP strategist Todd Harris to identify who Bachmann is getting her "orders from?" Matthews made the comment during a discussion about raising the debt ceiling and the Hardball host, who is fond of making cinematic comparisons, even referenced Hollywood horror screen legend Boris Karloff in his over-the-top slam of Bachmann, as seen in this exchange from the January 4 edition of Hardball:

CHRIS MATTHEWS TO GOP STRATEGIST TODD HARRIS: Let's listen to Michele Bachmann, your new boss. By the way she may be a zombie answering to somebody out there, Boris Karloff, I don't know who's giving her orders but here she is on the debt ceiling. Let's listen to her.

(Begin clip)

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN: I am not in favor of raising the debt ceiling. As a matter of fact I have a petition that I'm urging people to sign at to urge their member of Congress not to raise the debt ceiling.

(End clip)

MATTHEWS: Do you hear that? Who she get her orders from?

-Geoffrey Dickens is the Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter here