CNN Scolds Cain for 'Melee' with Press, Airs Footage All Afternoon

When Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain briefly raised his voice at reporters on Wednesday and his staff moved them aside, CNN reported the incident hour after hour in the afternoon as another addition to the candidate's negative coverage.

CNN condemned the ordeal as "nasty," and a "melee," that Cain got "very testy" and "lashed out at reporters." Readers can view the video below to determine if the confrontation was indeed a "melee."

On Wednesday morning Cain was pressed about his allegations of sexual harassment after refusing to answer questions on the matter. He yelled "Excuse me!" to reporters and his staff members the way for him through the press to his next obligation, which some reporters described it as a scuffle.

"And Cain basically lost his cool," reported correspondent Jim Acosta, who labeled the scene as "nasty" multiple times. "That's basically the only way to describe it. He [Cain] lashed out at reporters who were trying to ask him questions about this matter.

Anchor Brooke Baldwin went so far as to call it a "melee," and indignantly added that Cain was "scolding some reporters there."

[Video below. Click here for audio.]

CNN reported the story every hour from 11 :35 a.m. through the 4 p.m. hour. Acosta touted that "if you haven't seen this on CNN today, you haven't been watching your CNN, because we've been playing this for you throughout the day since this happened earlier this morning."

"He [Cain] sings at a lot of his events. There was obviously no singing at this event," Acosta soberly described the confrontation.

- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center