Left-Winger Tina Brown Heads Daily Beast/Newsweek Merger; A List of Her Liberal Rantings

On her Web site, The Daily Beast, on Thursday, editor-in-chief Tina Brown joyously announced the "wedding" of the left-leaning blog with the equally liberal Newsweek magazine: "Some weddings take longer to plan than others. The union of The Daily Beast and Newsweek magazine finally took place with a coffee-mug toast between all parties."

Brown touted how she would now serve as editor-in-chief for both publications. She expressed her desire to oversee the "great magazine's revival" and praised it for being "lively" and "well-informed." Brown should fit in well as head of the liberal magazine given her own history of left-wing advocacy.

From praising Barack and Michelle Obama for bring "Springtime in America," to viciously attacking Dick Cheney as a "one-man hate fest," and most recently proclaiming liberal comedian Jon Stewart to be the "only trusted branch of government," Brown has never made an effort to be objective. The Media Research Center's Notable Quotables publication has compiled several of Brown's most biased quotes over the years:

Praising the "Deeply Powerful Bond" of the Clinton Marriage

Host Diane Sawyer: "I'm curious, Tina, as an editor, when you were reading through it, what was it, what was the single revelation, I guess, that most surprised you about her?"
Then Talk Magazine Editor Tina Brown: "I think the revelation of the piece, really, is the depth and deeply powerful bond these two people have....What you feel is this is a couple who share the passion for the world, for doing good for politics, for making life better for other people. This is their great bond, and it really has brought them together with almost a sort of spiritual intensity."
-Discussing the Talk magazine interview of Hillary Clinton, August 2, 1999, Good Morning America on ABC.

Drooling Over Michelle - "She's Almost Overtaking Oprah!"

"Michelle is so authentic, and so real, and so today, and so, you know, J. Crew, and the whole price point thing and not designer clothes....With Michelle, you can almost feel those warm arms. You know, there's a kind of real red-blooded feel to her. But there's also - I mean she's almost, like, overtaking Oprah, I think, as the kind of inspirational 'it' girl at this point."
- Brown on CBS's Early Show, April 3, 2009.

Barack + Michelle = "Springtime in America!"

"One of the great surprises is what a force-multiplier Michelle Obama has turned out to be, because these two are working in such, sort of, flawless concert. You know as the world is talking about torture and the Bush administration, then we have Michelle with her vegetable garden. Talk about springtime in America!"
- Brown on CBS's Face the Nation on April 26, 2009.

Scorning Cheney's "Crazy Jihad," "One Man Hate-Fest"

"I have to ask myself at a certain point, you know, is Dick Cheney running for President?...In some ways, I kind of admire this, kind of, crazy jihad, this one man, kind of, hate-fest that he runs on cable shows. I mean, I guess he feels he has to defend what he did....But, you know, he's so damaging to the Republican Party every time he comes out....When he said on that show [CBS's Face the Nation] that Rush Limbaugh rather than Colin Powell was the face of the party, it was like once again, that huge, fat crazy frame fills the screen and becomes the face of the party."
- Brown on MSNBC's Morning Joe, May 12, 2009.

Barack Obama Got Best Press "In History of Civilization"

George Stephanopoulos: "Tina, for the longest time, comedians couldn't find the funny in Barack Obama."
Brown: "No, he got the best press known to man. Let's face it."
Washington Post's Howard Kurtz: "In the history of civilization."
Brown: "In the history of civilization. Incredible."
- Exchange on ABC's Good Morning America, February 5, 2010.

Limbaugh = "Like the Bad Fairy at Sleeping Beauty's Christening"

"It's got to be that incredible inauguration of Obama....You started the year with this huge festival of hope and renewal and everything is going to be so different now, and then, like the bad fairy at Sleeping Beauty's christening, Rush Limbaugh utters the words, 'I hope you fail.' 'I hope he fails,' he said, and from that moment, the sort of the Pandora's box opened, and the rest of the year has been just this big discord and toxic atmosphere in politics and partisan divide and people shouting at each other and the Tea Parties and death panels."
- Brown announcing her choice for the most important moment of 2009 on NBC's Today December 31, a few hours after Limbaugh went to the hospital with chest pains.

GOP Women Victories = "Blow to Feminism"

"The only trouble with this one is, it almost feels as if all these women winning are kind of a blow to feminism. Because, each one of them, really, most of them, are, you know, very much, uh, uh, you know, against so many of things that women have fought for such a long time....Women, too, can be wing nuts, is the point."
- Brown on ABC's Good Morning America, June 10, 2010, talking about primary victories by women Republicans.

Liberal Comic = "Only Trusted Branch of Government"

"The truth of the matter is that [Comedy Central's Daily Show host] Jon Stewart, at this point, is the only trusted branch of government. You know, I mean, in the end, Stewart and Colbert, really are like the Huntley and Brinkley of today, in the sense that people really, really trust them."
- Brown on ABC's Good Morning America, October 27, 2010.

- Kyle Drennen is a news analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter here.