Matthews Compares Dick Cheney to Movie Monster Freddy Krueger

Continuing his obsession with Dick Cheney, Hardball host Chris Matthews on Monday compared the former Vice President to movie monster Freddy Krueger, a child-murdering serial killer. After Republican strategist Michelle Laxalt suggested that Matthews missed Cheney, the host retorted, "Well, he keeps coming back...Freddy Krueger comes back in every movie and this guy is back every day."

Interestingly, while Matthews linked the ex-VP to the deformed murderer, it was the MSNBC anchor himself who wore a Freddy Krueger-esque sweater on the December 18, 2007 edition of Hardball. (See file photo above.) On Monday, Matthews, Laxalt and businessman Fred Malek were discussing the "troll-like" Cheney and his public comments about Colin Powell and the new Obama administration.

A transcript of the exchange, which occurred at 5:06pm on June 8, follows:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Dick Cheney in his troll-like fashion just ripped the guy out of the party and says, you know how he does it in that avuncular fashion, 'Well, I assume he's not a member of our party any more.' Let's take a look. Here is- let him speak for himself- here's General Powell defending his Republican-ism.

COLIN POWELL: Rush will not get his wish and Mr. Cheney was misinformed. I am still a Republican. I have always felt that the Republican Party should be more inclusive than it generally has been over the years.

MATTHEWS: What do you make of this, Michelle?

MICHELLE LAXALT (Republican strategist): I think that you're seeing an internecine warfare that started between Cheney and Powell over policy differences many years ago. You're seeing inside ball. I couldn't disagree more with Rush Limbaugh, excuse me very much. I don't think he has been elected even dog catcher as yet. And as a Republican, I don't want him as part of my party. But, Chris, you have to admit, you miss Dick Cheney. You're pining for Dick Cheney. You bring him up every day. Dick Cheney. I think you miss him. I think you miss him.

MATTHEWS: Well, he keeps coming back. He's like- He's like- I have to tell you- Freddy Krueger comes back in every movie and this guy is back every day. He's out there hitting the AEI, which is a paid for platform.

LAXALT: You're jonesing for Dick Cheney.

MATTHEWS: Oh, no. I don't have to cry for him. He's out there loud and clear.

-Scott Whitlock is a news analyst for the Media Research Center.