ABC News Gushes Over Democratic Activist's Question to Hillary: 'If You Don't' Run, 'Who Will?'

The journalists at ABC's World News on Sunday enthusiastically touted a fawning question from a Democratic activist to Hillary Clinton. After anchor David Muir insisted that "it didn't take long for a student there to ask a pointed question," college student Vrinda Agrawal wondered, "If you don't represent women in politics in America as a future president, who will?" [MP3 audio here.]

This is a tough question? The event was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and held at Arizona State University. Agrawal followed-up by enthusing, "I will proudly run your campaign." At no time did Muir or reporter Susan Saulny inform viewers that the student was a policy intern for Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer or that her Facebook page includes pictures of her and Bill Clinton. 

Kimmel's questions included asking: "Should you wind up back in the White House, will Chelsea get her old room back or will you convert that into a home gym?" 

This prompted Muir to marvel: "Kimmel should join our political team here." 

During the 2008 campaign, Good Morning America planted a Clinton supporter from the '90s at a town hall event. On March 26, 2007, Robin Roberts allowed this softball from an audience member: 

ROBIN ROBERTS: What you said then in, in ‘93, many people felt it was just, in some ways, ahead of its, ahead of its time. Somebody that was there, and wants to ask you what is different now, between what happened then, and he is Dr. Steve Eckstat. He is, he works at the free clinic of Iowa. Doctor?"

HILLARY CLINTON: Hello, doctor.

DR. STEVE ECKSTAT: Morning. In 1993, I was a member of the Clinton Health Care Task Force when we were attempting to provide universal health care coverage of all Americans. We were unsuccessful, unsuccessful then and now the number of uninsured, 80 percent of whom are working families and individuals, has risen from 23 million in 1993 to over 46 million. If elected president, Senator Clinton, would you be willing to try again to provide universal health care coverage for all Americans and make that at priority for your administration?

At one point, Eckstat appeared to be reading his lenghty question. 

A transcript of the March 23 World News segment is below: 

6:13pm ET

DAVID MUIR: We turn next here to a former first lady and a potential presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton, her husband and her daughter in front of an audience overnight and it didn't take long for a student there to ask a pointed question. And the moderator Jimmy Kimmel, was not about to let her ignore it. ABC’s Susan Saulny tonight from Washington.

SUSAN SAULNY: On stage in front of 1,200 college students, one cuts to the chase. 

VRINDA AGRAWAL: If you don't represent women in politics in America as future president, who will? 

SAULNY: And here’s the answer.

HILLARY CLINTON: I appreciate the sentiment. Look I -- I am very much concerned about the direction of our country and it's not just who runs for office but what they do when they get there. 

SAULNY: Jimmy Kimmel was not about to let Clinton off the hook. 

JIMMY KIMMEL: She wants an answer.

HILLARY CLINTON: I'm getting to it. So, let me say this. Give me your name and number -- 

AGRAWAL: I will proudly run your campaign. 

SAULNY: Kimmel himself prying into Clinton's private life, too. 

KIMMEL: Do you think you and the president will have another child? Any more children?

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, no, but I wouldn't mind one of those grandchildren that I hear so much about. 

CHELSEA CLINTON: Shameless. Shameless. 

KIMMEL: No pressure. 

SAULNY: And about that possible run, Kimmel had one last pressing question.

KIMMEL: Should you wind up back in the White House, will Chelsea get her old room back or will you convert that into a home gym? 

SAULNY: Laughter, but still no answer about those plans, instead, a selfie with Kimmel, their own take on Ellen's Oscar moment. The former president and Secretary of State quickly retweeting. Susan Saulny, ABC News, Washington. 

MUIR: Kimmel should join our political team here.

— Scott Whitlock is Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Scott Whitlock on Twitter.