ABC's Sawyer Suggests Reagan Would Not Be 'Accepted By Any Republican Faction Today'

Media Research CenterOn Friday's World News on ABC, anchor Diane Sawyer cited a recently hyped quote from former Governor Jeb Bush as the Florida Republican theorized that President Ronald Reagan "would be criticized" by Republicans today "for doing some of the things that he did."

As Sawyer recalled it, during a piece on former President George H.W. Bush, she asserted:

He was raised in privilege, but with a sense of duty and respect for others. From these rocks, the 41st President watches politics from a distance, his son saying neither his father, nor Ronald Reagan, would be accepted by any rigid Republican faction today.

Then came a clip of the ABC anchor speaking to him:

Jeb said recently that he worries about the Republican Party and the polarization.

George H.W. Bush responded:

Well, I think that's true in some context. I mean, it gets so locked in and so right, and it troubles me a little bit. But, overall, I don't feel that way.