Actor/Comic Robert Klein Shrieks in Jubilation for Obama, Then Flips Off Ann Coulter: ‘This One’s for You, Baby!’

Actor/comedian Robert Klein (IMDb page) let loose on Monday night’s Late Show, roaring back with his fists raised, shrieking a loud, guttural “yeah!” to celebrate President Barack Obama’s re-election.

And then he flicked his hand under his chin to flip off Ann Coulter as he exclaimed: “Ann Coulter, this one’s for you, baby!”

Audio: MP3 clip

From the Monday, November 12 Late Show with David Letterman on CBS:

DAVID LETTERMAN: We’ve had two years of the campaign, the election. Thoughts, observations, what do you think of that?

ROBERT KLEIN: Well, now is the time, we’re all Americans. Let’s unite. Let’s be as one. It’s not a time to gloat. Yeah!!! Ann Coulter: This one’s for you, baby! And that rather porcine fellow, what’s his name, Karl Rove, couldn’t quite let go. Hey, come on now, the returns from the Virgin Islands aren’t in yet...

Robert Klein’s Web page.

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