CNN Accuses GOP of Creating a 'Negative Mythology' of Benghazi

Thursday's New Day smacked Republicans for politicizing their Benghazi investigation, and conservative guest Will Cain retorted that CNN was "attacking the messenger."

"You have a negative mythology to what happened in Benghazi that is not supported by fact, it's supported by speculation," co-host Chris Cuomo spat on GOP accusations against the administration.

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Cuomo admitted "there are questions" but accused Republicans of muddying the waters. "But when you ascribe doubt and negativity to the prospect of what was happening in Benghazi, that's where it starts to get to be a distortion."

"Well, Chris, I feel like what that becomes is you attack the messenger instead of the message," responded conservative guest Will Cain of The He added that the media needs to be at the forefront of the investigation.

"In the end doesn't that highlight the importance of this conversation?" he asked. "Of the role of the media in asking these questions? In the end that's who should be in charge of this."

If that's the case, CNN has failed miserably in holding the administration accountable on Benghazi. Consider the following:

On the one-year anniversary of the Benghazi attacks, CNN ignored – on 16 of its 19 news hours – the fact that no arrests of suspects had been made.

Legal analyst Jeff Toobin called GOP accusations a "non-story" and said Benghazi was "not a scandal."

New Day co-host Kate Bolduan scolded Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for threatening to block the President's nominees until the administration allowed Congress access to more Benghazi witnesses.

In a 12-minute interview with former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, CNN's Fareed Zakaria didn't mention Benghazi once. Rice had falsely blamed the attacks on an internet video no less than five times on national television.

Back in February, anchor Carol Costello whined, "Why are Republicans so fixated on Benghazi?"

Yet co-host Kate Bolduan lamented that Republicans were politicizing the investigation. "Well, you have got questions and then you've got a tragedy that's getting caught up in politics."

— Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Matt Hadro on Twitter.