CNN Anchor on Same-Sex Marriage: 'It Seems Absurd' to 'Deny Civil and Human Rights to Anyone'

In an essay for gay and lesbian magazine Advocate, CNN's openly-gay anchor Don Lemon insisted that the public has accepted the gay and lesbian lifestyle and anyone who opposes it is a loon.

"These days, it seems absurd that anyone would want to deny civil and human rights to anyone," Lemon wrote. He also lobbied for black Christians to accept homosexuality as normal.

"We also say I'm black and gay because we want our own people to support us and know that we were born gay just as surely as we were born black. And because the church has such a strong influence on our community, we want our churchgoing, God-fearing black brethren to know that despite what the church tells them, God doesn't make mistakes. Nor does he judge," Lemon argued.

Lemon also related his ethnicity to his sexuality and argued that both place him as an outcast to society.

"What each of us knows is that as black men, we automatically feel like we are 'other.' It's not by any fault of our own. It's because society offers up myriad and constant reminders of our otherness every single day."

As NewsBusters has documented, Lemon has a history of advocacy on LGBT issues since he publicly came out as gay in May of 2011.

-- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center