CNN Legal Analyst Admits: 'I'm Not Exactly Famous for My Hatred of the Obama Administration'

Did CNN's Jeffrey Toobin just hint at his liberal bias? Toobin told Politico "I'm not exactly famous for my hatred of the Obama administration," and added that "If you're [sic] read my books, you know – I don't have a primetime spot on Fox News."

CNN's senior legal analyst had made headlines for his dire analysis of ObamaCare's chances in the Supreme Court on Tuesday. He was explaining to Politico's Dylan Byers that his criticism of the Obama administration's defense of the bill was probably all the more noteworthy because he himself is not a big critic of Obama.

Toobin had been previously been quite optimistic about ObamaCare's legal status. Only a few days before he predicted the Supreme Court might uphold the law eight-to-one, arguing that legal precedent could convince even conservative judges like Scalia against overturning the individual mandate. He labeled the opposing argument "really weak."

Just after the health care bill was passed in 2010, Toobin dismissed the potential legal challenges from the states saying there was "unlikely to be much merit." He said, specifically of the Florida attorney general's argument against the law, that "it's unlikely to succeed."

The CNN analyst drove headlines when, reporting live from the Supreme Court just after Tuesday's hearing on ObamaCare, he labeled the bill's defense a "trainwreck" for the Obama administration.

Toobin's gloomy analysis continued into Wednesday afternoon as he said the "trainwreck" of a defense "may also be a plane wreck" and added that the demise of the individual mandate seemed "a foregone conclusion."

-- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center