CNN Story So Biased, Obama Ad Trumpets Its Headline

A July campaign story by CNN's Jim Acosta was so biased that the Obama campaign trumpeted the headline in its new attack ad. That came after MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell cried foul over the campaign using footage of her in its ads, perhaps telling evidence of the role the liberal media is playing in this campaign by providing fodder for Obama.

Back in July, Acosta hyped that Mitt Romney's overseas trip to Europe began in "shambles" even though CNN hosts Piers Morgan and Fareed Zakaria threw water on that sentiment. Team Obama now has featured Acosta's story to cast aspersions on Romney's foreign policy credentials.

[Video below. Audio here.]

"Romney Trip Begins In Shambles," read Acosta's headline. He cited the infamous liberal British press defaming Romney as a "party pooper" and "Mitt the Twit" for simply expressing concern about the "disconcerting" state of London security at the Olympics.

What was the source for Acosta's headline? The Twitter hashtag "#RomneyShambles," which apparently was "trending on both sides of the Atlantic."

Even British CNN host Piers Morgan called the media outrage "a bit of a fuss about nothing." Foreign affairs reporter Fareed Zakaria said the media was "making more of this than it deserves to be."

During this same overseas trip, the campaign press corps jumped all over Romney's supposed "gaffes." The frenzy culminated with a Romney aide ripping into the media after they basically heckled Romney about his gaffes outside a Polish shrine. Acosta lamely offered that his outburst was "sort of" "unprovoked" after reporters shouted "questions" like "What about your gaffes?"

-- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center