CyberAlert -- 09/29/2000 -- Winnie's Story "Totally Genuine"

Saturday Plugs for Newly Web-Posted Material: Media Missed Gore Gay Shift; This Week's MagazineWatch
Plus: Jeff Jacoby's Nemesis to Appear Sunday on C-SPAN

> "Media Out to Lunch on Gore's Big Gay Shift: ABC, CBS, NBC Ignore Gore's Changing Stand for Gay 'Civic Unions' In MTV/Time Youth Forum."

The September 29 Campaign 2000 Media Reality Check by the MRC's Tim Graham, on how the networks ignored how Al Gore, at the MTV forum on Tuesday, went further on gay unions than did the Democratic platform, is now online thanks to Webmaster Andy Szul:

For the Adobe Acrobat PDF version, go to:

As reported in Thursday's CyberAlert, only FNC picked up on how during the MTV forum Al Gore promised he would work to change the law so a gay foreigner who joins in a civic union would be entitled to residency status. Gaffe or evidence of his suppressed liberal views? For details, go to:

> MRC analyst Paul Smith compiled the September 26 MagazineWatch about the October 2 editions of the three news weeklies. The four items in his analysis:

1. Newsweek's Conventional Wisdom hits the "vast right wing conspiracy" over Whitewater. "Six years, $50 mil, forests worth of WSJ editorials and W'water's just a dumb land deal."

2. Gore's exaggerations on his arthritic dog's prescription dogs and the union lullaby ignored by U.S. News but briefly mentioned in Newsweek and Time.

3. U.S. News declares Bush needs a "flawless campaign", "a killer debate performance" and a "little luck" to win the election. Newsweek polls show a much closer race.

4. George Will to Al Gore: "Do you favor passage of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act...or that a woman who seeks an abortion has an indefeasible right to a dead baby, no matter what."

To read any of the items, go to:

> Boston Globe editorial page editor Renee Loth, the woman who in July suspended conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby for four months, is scheduled to make a national media appearance Sunday morning, October 1, on a C-SPAN call-in show. C-SPAN is in Boston to preview Tuesday's presidential debate set for UMass-Boston.

Loth is scheduled for 9:15 to 10am EDT. The 8 to 10am EDT two hour block repeats at 10am EDT, so she will appear on tape again two hours later at 11:15am EDT. By time zone, her live appearance is scheduled to begin at:
9:15am EDT
8:15am CDT
7:15am MDT
6:15am PDT/non-Navajo Arizona
5:15am Alaska DT
4:15am Hawaii-Aleutian DT

For those who might want to call in and question her, remind yourself of the details by reviewing past CyberAlert reports:

The July 13 CyberAlert ran an excerpt from a piece about the matter written by Dan Kennedy for the Boston Phoenix. Here's an excerpt of that excerpt, concentrating on Loth:

To Loth, though, the principles are far from murky. "It was a violation of the Globe's policy on attribution. It's very clear," she says, adding that she had the final call after conferring with [Globe Publisher Richard] Gilman; that she considered the case on its own merits without regard to Smith and Barnicle; and that there is no truth to the accusation being spread by some critics that Jacoby was singled out because he is the op-ed page's only conservative. In fact, she says she'll take steps to ensure that conservative voices are heard from in Jacoby's absence. Jacoby says Loth made it clear that she wants him to leave. Loth's response: "It's not designed to get him to resign." Jacoby also claims that Loth told him that if he chooses to return, he'll have to change the focus of his column. Loth's response: "That was a private meeting, and I'm not going to talk about it."

Two acquaintances of Loth told the Phoenix, on condition of anonymity, that Loth has made no secret of her distaste for Jacoby's work. Loth's response: "I don't know what they're talking about."....

END Excerpt

For the rest of the CyberAlert item, go to:

The July 11 CyberAlert reported how even Boston liberals agree with columnist Jeff Jacoby's reaction to his suspension by the Boston Globe: "This suspension is a brutal overreaction to something that even the Globe will not call plagiarism and doesn't characterize as a willful violation." Go to:

For a RealPlayer video clip of Jacoby defending himself, on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor, as well as text about additional reactions to the suspension, go to: -- Brent Baker

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