Daily Beast's Obeidallah: 'Conservatives Hate a Lot of Women'

Media Research CenterAppearing as a guest on the Friday, December 27, Hardball on MSNBC, comedian and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah -- who has also been a CNN contributor -- cracked that "conservatives hate a lot of women" as he recounted that the woman whose face appeared on the ObamaCare Web site had been tagged "the most despised woman in America"  by "some bloggers on the right," whom he failed to identify.

Substitute host Michael Smerconish asked about the background of the woman known as Adriana whose photograph was used for the Web site: "Dean, what was the back story here? She posed in exchange for free photographs or something?"

Obeidallah responded:

For nothing. They paid her nothing, and look what she got in exchange. They said, "We're going to use your photo on some of the rollout." I bet you under their hushed breath, they were like, "You're going to be on the home page."

But they didn't want to say that to her because no one would want to be on the home page of this huge program. And then she was demonized. First, comics made fun of her. Then, some bloggers on the right called her "the most despised woman in America." Which is a pretty high bar because conservatives hate a lot of women.

The comedian then quipped that, if he had gotten his own face on the Web site, it might have landed him a job hosting on MSNBC:

But, on the flip side, is she got really well known, and I wish, for that reason, they would have used me. I would have been happy to be the face of ObamaCare Web site. I would have become better known. Maybe I could have guest hosted Hardball one night, Michael. You never know.