Evening Newscasts an Obama Scandal-Free Zone; ABC Touts Obama as ‘Consoler-in-Chief’

Not a syllable Friday or Saturday night on ABC, CBS or NBC about any of the several Obama scandals, but on Saturday night ABC’s World News trumpeted President Obama’s role as “consoler-in-chief.”

With “Consoler-in-Chief” on screen, anchor David Muir announced: “President Obama will be in Moore, Oklahoma tomorrow. ABC’s Reena Ninan already there tonight as the President prepares to fill the role he so often has in the last few months.”

Ninan played the part of Jay Carney as she conveyed as news some official Obama-friendy spin: “David that’s right. A White House official tells me that the President feels strongly about showing how standing together during a time of crises is what makes this country strong. He has become the consoler-in-chief.”

ABC’s World News and the NBC Nightly News haven’t mentioned an Obama scandal since Wednesday and the CBS Evening News last reported on one, barely, Thursday night: “Only CBS Notes IRS Official’s Leave, Yet ABC and NBC Have Time to Show Obama’s Prom Photo with ‘Foxy’ Friend

None have yet to offer a word about the eavesdropping and intimidation tactics against Fox News correspondent James Rosen.

In her May 25 World News report, Ninan proceeded to recount:

There was Sandy, his trip up the east coast just before the election; Newtown providing relief to the littlest in need, their families heavy with grief. Just last month to Boston after the bombings and West, Texas after that massive explosion. And now he comes here on Sunday. He’ll meet with first responders and the families affected. One student telling me there’s one thing that even the President of the United States cannot do tomorrow: Make this all go away, but they’re hoping the attention will bring more resources they need to rebuild. David?

Muir then chimed in to repeat ABC’s new salutation for Obama: “Reena Ninan on the consoler-in-chief.”

-- Brent Baker is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Brent Baker on Twitter.