Louis CK's Vulgar Twitter Rant Against ISIS Devolves Into Attack Against Bush and Cheney

Comedian Louis CK’s twitter rant against ISIS started well, even if it was full of vulgarities, but it quickly descended into weirdness when he connected the terrorists to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. [LANGUAGE WARNING]

Apparently stirred to anger against ISIS by a newspaper article he had just read, the stand-up comic launched into the profanity-laced tirade: “Oh, fuck you, ISIS. Sincerely please fuck each other in the mouth with forks. You’re 7 year old boys. You’re stupid. You suck. I’m 47. seen a lot of assholes. But these ISIS fuckfaces Are the worst. ISIS please drink Sunoco gas and then have a smoke.”

CK then went conspiratorial as he added: “Whether or not ISIS is really a bunch of Halliburton employees Or just homegrown raping marauding cunts they appear to be. Just really. Fuck them already. They stink.”

CK wanted to assure everyone that he wasn’t being a pro-American flag-waver and did so by linking Bush and Cheney to the terrorist organization: “Fuck ISIS doesn't mean yay America. I’m not saying this as an American. I don't believe they're coming here. I’m a Martian. a Martian just like every displaced killed raped Iraqi Syrian by Assad bush saddam Cheney ISIS. The separation is an illusion.”

The following tweets were posted on Louis CK’s October 13 twitter feed:

— Geoffrey Dickens is Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center. Follow Geoffrey Dickens on Twitter.