Low Class MSNBC: Tasteless Ronan Farrow Compares War Hero's Struggles to Congressional Bickering

What is wrong with the hosts at MSNBC? Ronan Farrow, who will begin anchoring a network program on February 24, made a tasteless joke on Tuesday night, comparing war hero Cory Remsburg's struggles to that of politicians in Congress. Farrow tweeted, "Cory 'struggles on the left side.' Congress relates.'"

During the State of the Union, Barack Obama movingly recounted the difficulties of the 30-year-old Remsburg who, after being deployed ten times, was almost killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Farrow has not apologized for the tweet and he's not alone in his cheap shots. MSNBC journalists have been making offensive tweets all week.

The 26-year-old Farrow has endured the challenge of being Woody Allen's son, but not of going on ten military deployments. So, perhaps he shouldn't carelessly joke about Remsburg.  

On Wednesday, political reporter Mark Murray, whose wife works in the Obama administration, compared Remsburg's struggle to that of the President: "Obama's ending on Remsburg wasn't just a story about America -- it also was a story about Obama. Nothing has ever come easy."

Murray, who can be contacted on Twitter here, has also not apologized.

On Wednesday, MSNBC President Phil was forced to apologize for an offensive tweet from the network's official Twitter account.

Regarding a new Cheerios commercial with a biracial family, @MSNBC tweeted, "Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family."

When one adds in Martin Bashir's disgusting comments about Sarah Palin, plus the other hosts the network has been forced to apologize for (or fire), maybe MSNBC President Griffin needs to take a more serious look at his employees. 

— Scott Whitlock is Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Scott Whitlock on Twitter.