Margaret Carlson: 'Bush's Lies' Should 'Keep Him Awake,' But 'Haunt the Country' Instead

Media Research CenterOn the Friday, September 6, Political Capital show on Bloomberg News, Bloomberg View columnist Margaret Carlson -- formerly of CNN and Time magazine -- blamed former President George W. Bush's "lies" for America's unwillingness to support military action against the Syrian government as she asserted that "Bush's lies" about Iraq should "keep him awake at 3 in the morning," but instead "haunt the country."

Host Al Hunt set up Carlson's attack on Bush as he posed the question: "Does the ghost of George W. Bush's Iraq war resolution hang over this Syria debate?"

Carlson responded:

It surely does. You would hope that Bush's lies would keep him awake at 3 in the morning, but what they really do is haunt the country.

Part of the resistance to doing anything in Syria punishing this awful behavior is what happened in Iraq when we were lied to about mushroom clouds and aluminum tubes and mobile weapons labs that didn't exist.

She concluded: "Here we have concrete evidence, and people just can't fathom getting mired in another Iraq."

-- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Brad Wilmouth on Twitter.