Michael Moore Blasts Reagan and John Paul II Supporters as Bigots, Responsible for 'Deaths of Thousands'

On Monday, far-left director Michael Moore went on an anti-Catholic bender at an awards presentation, and also targeted "those who would deify Reagan and Pope John Paul II" as somehow to blame for "the deaths of thousands of people...because of their bigotry."

The New York Post's Page Six on Wednesday spotlighted how the Occupy Wall Street-supporting filmmaker served as a presenter at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. Moore gave the Best First Film award to fledgling director Armond White, who made a documentary about the radical activist group ACT UP.

During the award presentation, the pro-Fidel Castro Michigan native recounted how ACT UP members disrupted a Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in December 1989, with one participant sacrilegiously throwing a consecrated Communion wafer on the floor. Moore praised this illegal demonstration: "I personally like that one. I say that as a former seminarian."

One of the film critics in attendance, Armond White, then shouted down Moore for this compliment of the infamous protest. The unnamed NY Post writer reported that the responded by doubling down on his anti-Catholicism, and adding his shot at Reagan and John Paul II supporters:

...Moore responded, "I've pissed off the Catholics," and began a blessing in Latin. He then went on to say that "those who would deify Reagan and Pope John Paul II are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people . . . because of their bigotry." White — who has dished out his fair share of criticism to Moore in his reviews — was later heard saying that Moore "disparaged Catholics," and told us, "I was offended . . . He was there to present the film and not present a personal political diatribe." Moore says, "I was just describing some of the things of the film . . . [White] is a reactionary conservative [bleep]hole."

Moore can always be counted on for displaying a considerable lack of class.

The radical filmmaker has spent the first week-plus of 2013 by descending further into the abyss. His New Year's resolution was to "stop saying, 'I support the troops'. I don't." On Thursday, Moore added to this anti-military diatribe by accusing the entire country of not actually supporting the troops either. He added, "I beg any young person reading this who's thinking of joining the armed forces to please reconsider."

Michael Moore is actually doing a public service, as he is again showing the far left's true colors. The movement has been anti-Catholic for far longer than they've been anti-American.

— Matthew Balan is a news analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter here.