Like MSNBC, CNN Ignored Poll Showing 74 Percent of Americans Support Showing Photo ID to Vote

In spite of a Washington Post poll showing 74 percent of Americans favor government-issued photo ID mandates at polling places, CNN skipped those numbers this past week in six separate segments on voter ID laws.

As a MediaIte study noted, MSNBC aired 19 segments on voter ID laws from Monday through Thursday without mentioning the poll. While CNN's coverage was largely balanced, the poll numbers still should have been reported in their discussions on voter ID laws.

In one instance of liberal bias, anchor Fredricka Whitfield teed up liberal guest Professor Jonathan Turley on Thursday by asking if ID laws were "a solution in search of a problem."

"And a number of reports show however that voter fraud is actually not much of a problem. So is this a solution in search of a problem?" she asked Turley, who responded that "a national study found that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent when they looked at the 2000 election."

On Friday's The Situation Room, CNN hyped "growing outrage" over new voter ID laws.

Voter ID is a topic CNN has tackled before – with liberal gusto. For instance, anchor Zoraida Sambolin asked former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young the other week if new voter ID laws might "suppress the minority vote."

Anchor Carol Costello asked a La Raza chairman last month "Is there a war on minority voters in this country?" while discussing a Texas voter ID law challenged by Obama's Justice Department.

-- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center