MSNBC's Klein: 'Trayvon Martin Was Not the Violent One That Night'

Media Research CenterAs he guest hosted the Friday, July 19, All In show, MSNBC's Ezra Klein -- also of the Washington Post -- stuck by the liberal line that all of the blame for the Trayvon Martin shooting lies on George Zimmerman, primarily because the neighborhood watchman followed Martin, without regard to who might have thrown the first punch.

Ignoring the absence of any eyewitnesses to confirm which party struck first, or even the witness who saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, Klein asserted that Martin "was not the violent one that night."

Klein began his biased analysis:

I think this is really one of the kind of amazing -- horrifying, too -- but amazing things about this saga, is that Trayvon Martin was not the violent one that night. He was not the one running around that community with a gun. He was not the one following people, and he was not the one in the end who shot another man dead.

He continued:

And I do think that there's been this kind of, again, this implicit assumption that, well, he might have been there doing something violent, that this was a reasonable assumption. And I do think that this case properly understood should show how unbelievably toxic those assumptions are.

-- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center