MSNBC's Schultz Insists There is a GOP 'War on Women'

On Thursday'sMedia Research Center The Ed Show, Ed Schultz insisted that there is indeed a "war on women" by Republicans as the MSNBC host responded to a recent interview by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in which is mocked Democrats for the scurrilous charge. At one point, Schultz absurdly thought it insightful to claim that, "ironically," Republicans deny that there is a "war on women" even though they "lied us into a war nine years ago," referring to Iraq.

Schultz teased his Thursday The Ed Show:

Good evening, Americans, and welcome to The Ed Show tonight from New York. The head of the Republican Party is calling the  "war on women" "fiction." Tonight, I'll show you the facts. This is The Ed Show. Let's get to work.

Then came a clip of Priebus from Friday's Political Capital show on Bloomberg News:

-after Democrats said we had a war on caterpillars, then every mainstream media outlet talked about the fact that Republicans have a war on caterpillars.

The MSNBC host continued:

The leader of the Republican Party says the "war on women" is a lie. Tonight, we will lay out the evidence and prove him wrong.

As Schultz began the show, he responded to Priebus's recent comments:

Reince Priebus says the "war on women" is fiction, but there were more than 1,100 bills introduced across the country last year to restrict women's health rights. So it's not just small-time lawymakers writing these bills either. Keep that in mind. The stars of the Republican Party are front and center in this war on women.

After claiming that abortion laws enacted in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia were evidence of a GOP "war on women," he ridiculously brought up Iraq:

Republicans, they just can't make stuff up enough to try to turn their position around. The party that - it's interesting, ironically, you know, if you think about it - the party that lied us into a war nine years ago, well, they now claim that there is no "war on women" in America.

During an interview with liberal Occidental College Professor Caroline Heldman, the MSNBC host predictably suggested that Priebus was comparing women to caterpillars in his mockery of Democrats:

Well, it sounds like the only way they can get out of it is to lie their way out of it, to be in denial, to say that there is no "war on women." How insulting is it that women are being compared to caterpillars? Or did you not take it that way?

-- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center