MSNBC's Wolffe Mocks 'ObamaCare Haters' as 'Biggest Losers of the Year'

Media Research CenterOn the Monday, December 30, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC, Richard Wolffe -- executive editor of -- mocked "ObamaCare haters," tagging them as the "biggest losers of the year," as he appeared as a panel member to select awards in various news categories for the year 2013.

As he suggested that the reduction in glitches at Healthcare.Gov solves ObamaCare's problems, Wolffe compared opponents to people still "fighting the Second World War on a lost island."

After host O'Donnell asked who was the "biggest loser of the year," Wolffe began his gloating:

I'm tempted to say these are the biggest "losers" (EMPHASIZING THE PLURAL) because this is the ObamaCare haters. You know, they really thought they had that moment. The health care site was just ready to fail completely, this was the last chance that they could stop this train wreck. (PAUSES) And then it got fixed. And then people started to get better health care. And all of those individual stories that they globbed on to and said, "Look, someone didn't get the health care," it turned out to be untrue.

He concluded:

I'm afraid they are like those apocryphal people fighting the Second World War on a lost island somewhere in the Pacific. They'll still be there, but health care will have moved on.